Introducing the Mr. Afterparty Yacht Experience on Ibiza

Every year, we get tons of requests from partygoers looking for that ultimate Ibiza yacht experience – DJs, amazing vibes, the whole nine yards. That’s why Mr. Afterparty, always dedicated to bringing you authentic and top-notch experiences, has partnered with an incredible new yacht opportunity: The Saxdor.

What is The Saxdor?

This isn’t just any yacht. The Saxdor is a party-ready vessel with built-in Pioneer decks, a killer sound system (we’re talking €10,000 good!), and unlimited drinks to keep the good times flowing. It’s the perfect way to cruise Ibiza’s gorgeous coastline, discover those hidden coves, and truly level up your experience as you blast your favorite tunes.

The Total Mr. Afterparty Yacht Experience

We’re not just talking about a simple boat ride. The Mr. Afterparty Yacht experience is all about creating unforgettable moments. The price starts at €125,00 per person, and you can invite up to 12 of your best party people. Want to bring the whole squad? Not a problem! We can arrange multiple yachts to set sail together, so you can dock up and create the ultimate vibe.

Booking Made Easy

Ready to turn your Ibiza fantasy into reality? Booking is super simple – just send a WhatsApp message to Sophie, and she’ll get you all set up.

Why Choose Mr. Afterparty?

Here at Mr. Afterparty, we understand how important those epic, unforgettable experiences are. We’re known for providing quality and authenticity, and this yacht partnership is no exception. If you want to go beyond the standard Ibiza offerings and truly customize your adventure, this is the answer. Together with our daughter company Mr. Ibiza we make it possible.


Don’t settle for those overcrowded dayclubs or generic boat trips. This year, make your Ibiza vacation an all-time, VIP experience with the Mr. Afterparty Yacht. Imagine the freedom, the music, the endless sunshine, and the memories you’ll make with your crew.

So whats next…

Contact Sophie on WhatsApp today to secure your spot – these yachts will book up fast!

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