Mr. Afterparty’s | 10 questions with: Callecat

  1. Let’s start with some background – who is Callecat? How did your sound develop, and what are the key influences that shape your music?

Hey there! We’re Koen and Gijs, known as Callecat. Our musical journey began in 2017 when we joined forces in the studio and found a great synergy. Koen brought a latin-house background, while Gijs leaned towards tech-house and EDM. Over time, our sound evolved into what we call Callecat: groovy, warm, melodic, and danceable. 

Starting to release our music and playing at various events helped us develop our sound; to better understand what really resonates with the both of us. Our influences range from small, intimate parties to sharing stages with big names like Nick Warren & Guy J, shaping our music into what it is today.

  1. “Symbiosis (Part 4)” is a stunning preview for your album. Tell us about the concept of “symbiosis” – what does it represent for your music, and how does it translate into the collaborations on the record?

Symbiosis is all about togetherness. We feel that making and experiencing music is even more special when you attract other people in it. This inspired us to make this album the way it was made: together, in symbiosis: “the interaction between two or more different organisms, to the advantage of both”. Our partnership as Callecat is a symbiosis too, with Koen’s DJ skills complementing Gijs’s production skills. 

We had a clear idea of how we wanted the album to flow, much like curating the energy at an event: starting with gentle, dreamy melodies, ramping up to more vibrant, groovy tracks, and then winding down again with melodic serenity. This meant carefully selecting collaborators whose personal styles suited each stage of the album. We deeply appreciate the distinctiveness of each collaborator’s style and are delighted with how their contributions harmonized with our sound across the album. 

Fun fact: the ending notes of the album are the same as the beginning, meaning you could put the album on an infinite loop. 🙂

  1. “Mutual Horizons” has this incredible feeling of space and openness. What kind of atmosphere were you trying to evoke, and did you have a specific setting or experience in mind while creating it?

We were eager to include Fabri in the album for his distinctive grooves and compelling atmosphere, and it turned out to be a perfect fit. Our goal was to craft a breakdown where listeners could immerse themselves in the melodies, evoking a moment of calm before the groove returns on the drop. It’s become a hands-in-the-air highlight in all our sets!

  1. On a similar note, “Beyond Perceptions” is incredibly dancefloor-focused yet still layered and evocative. How do you strike that balance between groove and deeper atmosphere?

Originally, the track started with just a bassline, which we felt held great potential but needed something more. We were thrilled when Nick expressed interest in collaborating because of his talent for creating captivating melodies. His additions brought the track to life and found that perfect balance between dancefloor energy and emotive depth.

  1. You’ve worked with some amazing collaborators like Fabri Lopez, Nick Varon, and Paul Hazendonk. What do you look for in a collaborator, and how do those partnerships change the way you approach the music?

Each collaboration is unique, but we’re drawn to artists who inspire us both musically and personally. Some collaborators are longtime friends, while others were approached via social media after explaining our vision. We’re honored that so many amazing artists wanted to join us on this journey. Most tracks were created remotely, with ideas exchanged until we reached a satisfying conclusion. And a few tracks were co-created in the studio. All tracks however have a similar story in terms of symbiosis, where they’re all a blend between our and the collaborators’ styles. In all, these collaborations also showed a lot of insights into different workflows and enhancing our learning experience, apart being it a lot of fun sharing this the process with these artists!

  1. The DJ support for the release is impressive. Are there other artists in the electronic scene whose work really resonates with you right now?

Obviously, we’re greatly inspired by the 12 collaborators on our album! Beyond that, we admire artists who carve out a unique sonic identity, making their sound instantly recognizable. Names like Noiyse Project, GMJ & Matter, Dofamine, Dowden, Emphi, Eichenbaum, and Maze28 are excellent examples of this.

  1. With an eye towards Mr. Afterparty’s audience, how do you envision your music fitting into those special clubbing experiences – after-hours, unique settings, etc.?

We created the album with a dance floor in mind, from the beginning of the evening till the end. Our style is typically upbeat, groovy, melodic and danceable; perfect for clubbing and after-hours experiences. So for every moment on the night, we created a track fitting the vibe and mood! 

  1. What’s one track from “Symbiosis” that you feel encapsulates the album’s vibe and that you’re most excited about sharing with the world?

Gijs: Honestly, every track holds a special place for me, each with its own unique story. Personally, the track with The Wash stands out in terms of the album’s vibe. It came together effortlessly, and our friendship with Clemens blossomed from there. Plus, it never fails to ignite the dancefloor! 

Koen: As I am more the DJ of the two, two tracks that really stand out to me are the ones I always want to play in our sets. This is the case for the tracks with Fabri Lopez and Not Demure; both are incredibly groovy and danceable and both unique in the sounds we’ve used there. And it’s amazing to see people like Guy J be one of the early supporters of the track with Not Demure, seeing it being played out in front of thousands of people! 

  1. Apart from the album, what’s coming up for Callecat? Any exciting live shows or DJ sets that our readers should keep an eye out for?

Absolutely! We have two shows lined up in Amsterdam on April 5th and 6th. On the 5th, we’ll be playing alongside Hernan Cattaneo, Mariano Mellino, Graziano Raffa and Laura van Dam at het Sieraard with Watt Events. Then, on April 6th, we’re hosting our album release party in Amsterdam, featuring collaborators Hobin Rude, Juliane Wolf, The Wash, Around Us, and Paul Hazendonk. Plus, catch us on May 17th at Time To Rave in Groningen, the Netherlands. And a lot of shows are yet to be confirmed, more on that later! Additionally, we’ll be releasing a remix series of the album later this year, so stay tuned for that! 

  1. Lastly, where can our readers find your music, connect with you on social media, and stay updated on upcoming releases and shows?

Thanks for having us! You can find us on our website, or go directly to our Instagram, Facebook or Soundcloud . And feel free to share cat or coffee-related content with us – we love it 🙂

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