Club Space Miami Introduces No-Phone Policy for 24-Hour Closing Party

Club Space in Miami is renowned for its electrifying atmosphere and unforgettable nights. Now, they’re taking a bold step to elevate the experience even further. On June 2, as part of their 24-hour closing party, the club will enforce a strict no-phone policy. This initiative, announced via Instagram, aims to create a more immersive and intimate environment, where attendees can fully engage with the music and each other without the distractions of smartphones.

Phones will be secured in special pouches upon entry to the Terrace area, ensuring that the crowd’s energy and vibes are fueled solely by the music and human connection. However, guests can still use their phones in The Ground area, allowing for a balance between connectivity and the authentic, present-moment experience that Club Space seeks to foster.

The closing party will feature an impressive lineup of performers, including BORT, Ms. Mada, Rossi, Dyed Soundoromand and many more promising an unforgettable night of music and dance. By encouraging guests to live in the moment, Club Space aims to create a deeper, more meaningful connection between the audience and the artists.

This no-phone policy is a testament to Club Space‘s commitment to providing a unique and memorable clubbing experience, one that prioritizes the collective energy of the crowd and the transformative power of music. As the club prepares for renovations, this event marks the end of an era, inviting patrons to savor every beat and moment without the interference of screens.

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