Grimes Apologizes for Coachella Set

When Grimes hit the stage at Coachella 2024, fans expected an electrifying set. Instead, they got a crash course in the perils of technology—served at double speed. Due to a mishap with her music tracks, which sped up unexpectedly, Grimes’ set morphed into what might be dubbed a ‘techno sprint,’ challenging even the most ardent dance enthusiasts to keep up.

Mid-performance, Grimes had to pause and play tech detective, explaining the snafu to the crowd. Her struggles with the mixing deck became an unintended part of the show, as she frantically tried to reset the tempo, giving the audience a peek behind the curtain of live electronic music production—more thrilling and stressful than one might expect.

Following her set, Grimes took to X (formerly Twitter) to extend her apologies, sharing a bit of rueful wisdom about the experience. She admitted to outsourcing the preparation of her performance tracks—a decision she humorously noted might have been a bit too optimistic. Her message mixed apology with a candid quip about the DIY ethos, reminding everyone that sometimes, “If you want it done right, it’s best to do it yourself—or at least make sure you double-check the work.”

Grimes’ Coachella experience, while not as smooth as planned, served as a memorable lesson on the importance of hands-on involvement, especially when your live performance is at stake. It was a reminder that in the world of live music, sometimes the show must go on—quirks, hiccups, and all.

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